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Titan Grade 3 (3.7055)

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Titan Grade 3



Int. Normen

Ti-Grade 3 Unalloyed Titanium - Medium Oxygen

Titanium 3.7055, also known as grade 3 titanium, is a particularly strong pure titanium material.
Unalloyed titanium with increasing strength and removable toughness.

Due to the favourable ratio of strength to density and good corrosion resistance, pure titanium materials are suitable for the manufacture of components in weight-saving designs to reduce mass forces and for components with high corrosion resistance. In addition, the low thermal expansion in titanium constructions leads to lower thermal stresses compared to other metallic materials. Due to their excellent biocompatibility, these materials are also widely used in medical applications.


  • medical technology
  • Condensers and coolers in power plants
  • Heat exchangers and piping systems for seawater and brackish water
  • jewellery industry
  • Zinc plating baths and electroplating technology
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning technology
  • Components in flue gas desulfurization plants
  • aerospace engineering